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“A school on the rise in giving quality yet affordable education to Opolanons and nearby communities.”







A Community College in the Municipality of Opol

The Opolanons envisioned a learning institution within the community that will provide not just accessibility and cost-efficiency but also a good quality education. This vision was realized by virtue of Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No. 2003-155, enacting Ordinance No. 2003-14, creating the Opol Community College, in accordance with the Constitutional mandate promoting “the right of all citizens to quality education” and to “take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all.” In consortium with the Bukidnon State University (formerly Bukidnon State College), the ordinance was approved on August 12, 2003.

The Community College started its operation with two tertiary courses leading to degree programs in Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, with twenty (20) enrollees, and Business Administration, with sixty-three enrollees. The College aimed its focus not just on academic learning but also on occupational skills, hence, the Technical-Vocational courses, such as Food Technology, Welding, Automotive, Civil and Electrical Technology to name a few, formerly administered by the Opol National Secondary Technical School, is now under the administration of the Opol Community College per Memorandum of Agreement between the latter and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), which took effect in the School Year 2004-2005.

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Opol Community College is a self-reliant higher educational institution providing affordable quality education to produce pro-active and highly competitive graduates.



The Community College aims to produce graduates with competitive skills by providing qualified and competent instructors, adequate learning resources, and scholarship grants linking them to employment opportunities. Being a local government-owned institution, it supports the programs and projects of the government.

Core Values

A holistic learning environment requires a balanced approach for developing the intellectual and socio-emotional strengths of students. The core values serve as the guiding principles which must be strongly entrenched to maintain the resolve to succeed. The Community College stands for Optimism, Compassion and Commitment. 



The Community College stands for a positive outlook in life, as positive thinking generates positive results. It continues to instill upon the minds of students to maintain a positive attitude, as every cloud has a silver lining.


The Community College stands for empathy. It stresses on kindness and mindfulness among the faculty and staff, exuding warmth whilst staying firm, that they may direct the students from floundering to flourishing.


The Community College stands for a bilateral academic commitment, the faculty engages to exert best efforts to provide quality education and the student carries out his target objectives. The institution pledges to build competent graduates with abilities geared towards their field, establishing a goal-setting process with resilience towards academic challenges.

Institutional Objectives

Integral to the attainment of its mission, Opol Community College commits itself to:

  • provide linkages to institution for scholarship grants
  • offer short-term courses based on the needs of the community
  • ensure the education provided meets the acceptable levels of quality through Institutional Accreditation


occ logo

The Opol Community College Logo

The Circle represents unity and perfection towards achieving quality education in developing students with competitive skills to which the institution is committed, providing infinite opportunity for success. Its Royal Blue Color denotes excellence, consistent with its commitment to motivate and embolden the students to grow personally and professionally, bearing the core values optimism, compassion and commitment.

The Torch speaks for the light of truth and is a catalyst of change to which the school aims to reflect and be manifested by the students.  The truth enlightens and radiates within the Community College and even beyond borders to the non-academic community for this symbolically represents hope, which the institution instills in the minds of the students, negating any qualms of achieving their goals. It imparts a statement that a student must bear a light of truth and exemplify academic and moral truth. The Red color signifies courage and bravery in persevering one’s aspiration notwithstanding adversities, thereby molding the student to become the best version of himself.

The Book represents wisdom and knowledge, symbolic of one’s passion for learning with a zest for progress. It further embodies the history of the institution, providing insights from our humble origin to our priding triumph. Superimposed is 2003, indicating the year in which the Community College is founded in the Municipality of Opol, a significant period whereupon the vision of Opolanons are realized.

The Technical Wheel represents the short courses and programs offered by the Community College, which aims to develop not only academic performance but technical skills as well. Its Yellow Color denotes integrity, commitment and compassion in honing essential skills, imbued with the institution’s core values, primed for becoming a socially upright member of the community.


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Organizational Structure

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